Ceiling Fan Installation

stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

There are many benefits to installing a ceiling fan into your home that extend beyond cooling off a room. Using ceiling fans throughout the home greatly reduces electrical costs. Ceiling fans are cost effective in both the summer and wintertime. When the weather is unbearably hot in the summer, ceiling fans provide cooler temperatures in a room, which allows the thermostat to stay set at a higher temperature and save money on the electric bill. During the winter, ceiling fans circulate heat that has risen to the ceiling, lowering your heating bill.


Installing a ceiling fan is a breeze for our electricians.


All you have to do is choose the location of the fan. In most homes, a ceiling fan is installed in the center of the room and replaces the central light fixture. Choosing a central location for your ceiling fan allows smooth airflow to permeate throughout most of the room.


The experienced electricians at Watts & Holmes will properly install a ceiling fan on your existing pre-installed fan box. We also install new wiring, switches, and fan rated brace boxes for any areas within your home where you would like to install a new ceiling fan.

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