Exterior Lighting

lighting up the great outdoors

Outdoor lighting provides both safety and curb appeal for your home. Exterior illumination keeps areas well-lit when it is dark outside to deter potential intruders or thieves. Two of the most important characteristics to look for in exterior safety lighting are brightness and responsiveness. Focused illumination allows light to penetrate an area intensely, without “getting lost” in the dark of the night. Choosing a more illuminant fixture will also help carry pools of light farther, covering more areas outside your home.


Decorative exterior lighting also appeals to many homeowners as a way to illuminate walkways, shrubbery, and plants. Some of the exterior lighting solutions we offer include; flood lights, security lighting, post lights, porch and coach lighting.


When choosing outdoor security lighting for your home, it is important to select lighting that will increase safety and comfort. To learn more about indoor lighting and outdoor security lighting features, schedule a Watts & Holmes professional to guide you through the process.

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