Flickering Lights

don't ignore the dangers

Household lights that flicker and even dim periodically can certainly be annoying, but they can also be hazardous, which is why flickering lights should never be ignored. In most cases, a flicker or brief dimming of light that becomes more prominent over time indicates the presence of a poor connection somewhere in the system that needs to be fixed. Power arcing is the most likely cause for flickering lights. Arcing is a luminous discharge of current that forms when a strong electrical current jumps a gap in a circuit or between two electrodes. Arcing is a potentially dangerous issue because the jumping of currents is similar to how lightning forms.



This arcing draws power, which can be witnessed by the flickering lights in a home. Additionally, arcing creates heat, which can directly start a fire in your home. Contact us immediately if an area of your home is experiencing flickering or dimming of lights.

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