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Power outages can occur at any time. Prepare your home for immediate relief from outages by purchasing a home generator. With the unpredictable Maryland weather, power outages occur without warning. Inclement weather, ice, and wind can cause the power to shut off for hours, and even days. Generators offer you and your family immediate relief and peace of mind.


What happens when your power goes out?

  • The average family spends about $800 on groceries every month. If your refrigerator or freezer loses power, you could lose hundreds of dollars of groceries.
  • If the heat is out, you run the risk of frozen pipes in the winter, which can burst and cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home.
  • Dozens of deaths can be attributed to the sweltering heat each summer. When you lose power, your air conditioner won’t cool the house, placing your family and loved ones at risk.
  • Medicines that need refrigeration may go bad.
  • Your computers, your tablets, your cell phones… all at risk of becoming inoperable due to lack of charging.
  • Even your home security system will only work on backup power for a limited time.

Never be without electricity again!

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